STREAM HAS ENDED July 01—31, 2020

Curatorially, My Time In Space eludes a finite moment, instead exists on a meditative plane which Alima Lee has stitched together with the utmost care. The three films: On Matter(ing), Garden, and Meditation on Madness honor the use of ritual as a means of traversing through different parts of one’s self. Created at different times in Lee’s life, each piece is a testament to the importance of documenting experiences, through the lens of those closest to her. We’re invited into gentle musings, where dialogue is sensory, masterfully scored by musicians and friends of Lee. Handle this precious affirmation with care as you explore these works.

Alima Lee is a video artist/curator/director, currently based in Los Angeles. In support of the Black LGBTQIA+ community, the artist has requested that any donations, from viewership, be directed to G.L.I.T.S. and The Okra Project.