A Modern Mystic

The Hoodwitch

Words by
Deb Lee

Photos by
Nathanial Gray

“Bri entered the studio already halfway through a sentence, “Is it cool if I take my shoes off? I hate wearing shoes.”

She had come prepared. She had in tow a large purse and a red suitcase, which she began unpacking immediately. It was full of scarves, candles, a crystal ball, a tarot deck, makeup, several outfit changes.

“This is not your first rodeo!” I said.

This was, however, my first rodeo. I was a little apprehensive about talking to Bri, a practicing witch who has carved out a niche little corner of the internet under the name The Hoodwitch. My points of reference on witchcraft are pretty much Sabrina and the most boring Game of Thrones subplot. I wasn’t sure I’d have much to bring to the table.

But in this political climate, spending an hour learning about ancient, women-led practices of connecting with one another and the universe through literal magic sounds like a breath of fresh fucking air. So I said, “Yes, I’d love to talk to The Hoodwitch.”